Silvina Luna Obituary, Argentine Actor Dies After Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Silvina Luna Obituary, Death – Actress Silvina Luna, who was from Argentina, passed away due to complications from plastic surgery. Silvina Luna was a TV presenter and a star on reality television in the past. Silvina Luna, who was famous in Argentina as an actress, model, and TV host, passed away after a protracted fight with health issues that were a direct result of having plastic surgery. Since 2011, the famous person, who was then 43 years old, had been struggling with kidney failure.

Her attorney, Fernando Burlando, has confirmed the news that she has passed away. He stated that family members had made the decision to unplug her from life support after the physicians advised that she must be intubated once again. “We’ve always loved you; we’ll always love you; we’ve gone down the same roads; we’re always together in my heart because you are my chosen family,” an actor friend of hers named Gustavo Conti wrote in an Instagram post. “We’ve gone down the same roads; we’ve gone down the same roads; we’ve gone down the same roads; we’ve gone down the same roads.”

The untimely passing of Ms. Luna at such a tender age comes as a shock but does not come as a complete surprise, according to the Buenos Aires Times. She had been admitted to and discharged from the hospital on multiple occasions over the course of several years due to the significant health problems she had been experiencing. When Anibal Lotocki, a disgraced doctor who is now facing prosecution for malpractice, performed cosmetic surgery on her many years ago, he injected a deadly substance into her body. This is the likely cause of nearly all of her health problems, which have been traced back to this event.

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