Steven McCloskey Obituary, 26-Year-Old Native Of Homer Dies In Motorcycle Crash

Steven McCloskey Obituary, Death – Jerry L. Overman Jr., the Indiana County Coroner, announced in a press release that on Tuesday, a man from Homer City who was riding a motorbike was involved in a collision with another vehicle, which resulted in the man’s death. The other vehicle collided with the man’s motorcycle. Overman was able to determine that the deceased individual was Steven Paul McCloskey, who would have been 26 years old at the time of his demise when he had passed away.

On August 22, McCloskey was reportedly behind the handlebars of a 1999 Harley Davidson when he was traveling southbound on Route 403 Highway in Buffington Township. The information in his report indicates that he was traveling in the direction of Buffington Township. The front part of a Honda CRV that was traveling from Camerons Road to Schultz Road collided with the left side of McCloskey’s motorbike as he was crossing the roadway. The Honda CRV was traveling from Camerons Road to Schultz Road.

The Honda was heading in the direction of Schultz Road from Camerons Road. According to Overman, McCloskey was unable to survive the injuries he got and passed away at the scene of the accident where the incident occurred. According to the findings, the last time anyone saw the victim alive was at 3:05 in the afternoon.


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