Tahlulay Henry Obituary Illinois, South Elgin High School Student has died – GoFundMe

Tahlulay Henry Obituary, Death – In light of the horrible events that occurred in our South Elgin High School community the previous day, I hope you are doing as well as is humanly possible as you read this message.
We were able to confirm the names of the students who were killed in the accident as well as the status of the other students who were involved after conducting extensive research and consulting with the appropriate authorities as well as members of their families.

The names of the pupils who have died away are Tahlulay Henry and Kamorra Campbell, and it is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news to you. Elizabeth Esparza is now being treated at the hospital, where her condition is listed as stable. We are not going to disclose the identity of the fourth student who was hurt in the incident but only sustained injuries that were not considered life-threatening at this time. We are keeping a close eye on their progress and provide any and all assistance that may be required.

During this incomprehensibly trying moment, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and loved ones. We are here to offer emotional support and practical help to the families of those who were impacted in any way that we are able. The crisis team for South Elgin High School and the district will continue to be activated. Social therapists and counselors specializing in grief and loss will be present at South Elgin High School to assist students and staff for as long as they are required to do so.

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