Tracie Nightingale Obituary, Community Mourns Passing Of Longtime Supporter

Tracie Nightingale Obituary, Death – All of us here at this organization are currently in a state of denial and grief as a direct result of the heartbreaking news that our most devoted and lifetime supporter has passed away.  This particular person has always played an important role in our lives, which spans the length of our existence.

The courageous fight against cancer that Tracie Nightingale had been waging for a sizeable amount of time came to an end yesterday evening. She had been waging her battle for a significant amount of time. A significant amount of time had passed since Tracie had begun her fight against cancer. Tracie was a wonderful travel companion and a wonderful representation of love throughout the entirety of the time that we spent together and for the entirety of the time that we spent together.

Everyone was under the impression that today wouldn’t be quite as challenging as it turned out to be. Tracie, may you rest in peace; the details for our trip to Wales to attend her burial are currently being finalized as we speak. We will be there to pay our respects. We humbly ask that you accept our condolences. We will be there to express our deepest condolences and to pay our respects to the departed. Your presence is going to be much missed by all of us.

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