Trent Paschal Obituary, Texas, Trent Paschal Has Died

Trent Paschal Obituary, Death- The man who was believed to have been responsible for the death of a woman in La Marque in October of 2020 has committed suicide in Florida.

Since April of 2021, when the manhunt began, Trent Paschal has been on the run for more than nine months. According to the authorities, he escaped after posting bond and was released from jail in both Galveston and Harris counties. The story begins in October of 2020, when it is alleged that Trent Paschal murdered his wife, Savanah Paschal, by shooting her.

Shirley Kinchen, Savanah’s mother, claims that her daughter was murdered by her husband after she informed him she couldn’t continue to live with someone who had a history of committing crimes. Savanah’s husband was a career offender. After the murder, deputies claim they trailed Trent to Harris County, where, after a brief altercation, he was shot by officers. Deputies allege this happened after the murder.

After Trent had spent several months tending to his wounds and getting better, he was finally released on bond from both the Galveston and Harris county jails. “How many more people named Trent Paschal are there in the world? Andy Kahan, the director of victim services and advocacy with Crime Stoppers Houston, stated during a briefing on Monday afternoon that there had been six shootouts in the past year involving law enforcement officials and sought criminal bond forfeiture defendants. “That’s only in Harris County,” the speaker said.

Together with Savanah’s family, Crime Stoppers was working on a plan to educate the general public about Trent’s escape and the full length of his criminal history. In April of 2021, investigators reported that Trent had cut his ankle monitor and threatened a vehicle dealer with a knife before fleeing in the Chevrolet Tahoe he had been testing out. Since that time, there had been no further news of him.

The Holiday Trav-l Park RV Resort in Ocala was mentioned in a report received by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department in Florida over the weekend. The tip indicated that Trent was present at the resort Deputies walked up to the vehicle that Trent was in late on Friday night in Florida, knocked on the door, and that is allegedly when he shot himself in the head. This is according to the officials in Florida.

Law enforcement — police officers — know probably the most dangerous criminal is one who has skipped out on his bond, one who has cut off his monitor, and one who has evaded law enforcement,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Alfredo Perez. “Law enforcement — police officers — know probably the most dangerous criminal is one who has cut off his monitor.” Therefore, they did not approach for a period of time. When they finally got close enough, they discovered a dead Caucasian male inside the van. At the site, Trent’s death was confirmed by medical personnel.

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