Vicki Turner Obituary, Murwillumbah Evening Branch Member Has Died

Vicki Turner Obituary, Death- We like to convey to each and every one of you our deepest condolences as we inform you of the demise of Murwillumbah Evening Branch Member Vicki Turner.

Vicki was a devoted member of the CWA who spent many years in the role of Secretary for the Kingscliff Branch, which is now defunct. Vicki made it a point to attend all of the FNC Group Meetings, as well as the State Conference and other events. She also read every motion and piece of mail, so she was always up to date on everything that was going on at the branch, group, and state levels.

Vicki had many qualities, too many to list, including her sense of humor, an avid interesting story teller, the ability to count money, add up second to none faster than a calculator, and a work ethic that was to be admired always willing to lend her energies to CWA even though her health was failing this year. This year, she took her place handling the money on cakes and drinks at Primex 2023. Vicki passed away on December 20, 2023.

Vicki is going to miss her devoted husband Brian, her son Michael, and her daughter-in-law Jade. Vicki’s family was her top focus, and in addition to supporting her in her involvement with CWA activities, they all enjoyed playing lawn bowls together.

Vicki was a wonderful friend and a front line support to many members. During the Covid lock downs, she made it a point to phone each and every Kingscliff member at least once a week to check in and make sure that everyone was doing well. She also made it a point to always provide assistance whenever it was required. Both Vicki and CWA were huge fans of each other. Dear friend, may you finally rest in peace. You will be missed by us.

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