Willy Browne Obituary, Well-known Limerick Musician Passes Away

Willy Browne Obituary, Death – BWilly Browne, a musician from Limerick who was a member of the band Reform and who passed away recently, was signed to CBS Records in the 1970s. His obituary notes that he was a prominent member of the Limerick music scene, and everyone who knew him in that sphere will think kindly of him in the years to come. Those who knew Mr. Browne, were fans of his music, or attended his shows will feel a profound sense of loss upon learning of his passing.

Mr. Browne, who was originally from Ballysheedy, died away quietly on Saturday at the Milford Care Centre. The website Irishrock.org describes Reform as a raucous, foot-stomping rock band that has been around for a long time. Willy Browne on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Mulcahy on rhythm guitar, Noel Casey on bass, and Don O’Connor on drums and vocals comprised the original lineup of the band, which was formed in Limerick in the early months of 1968.

Their debut performance took place in what is now known as the Belltable in the city of Limerick. In 1968, they showed their support for Granny’s Intentions by attending the Jetland Ballroom. In the years to come, they would also serve as the opening act for Rory Gallagher. After Noel Casey departed the band in 1970, Reform continued on as a trio. One Bill Whelan was responsible for producing some of the band’s early work.

The amazing three that was Reform didn’t get the breaks that their talent merited, despite the fact that they were extremely well-known in Limerick and the south-western region of the country. They enjoyed a number of hits in Ireland throughout the 1970s, including You Gotta’ Get Up, which peaked at number three on the Irish charts in 1978, but they were never quite able to make the leap to the international stage. Recording contract offers from CBS Records were the best they could hope for.

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