Yohannes Kidane Missing, San Francisco California Help Find Missing Yohannes Kidane

Yohannes Kidane Missing, San Francisco California Help Find Missing Yohannes Kidane

Yohannes Kidane Missing – Yohanes Kidane, a 22-year-old computer scientist hailing from Rochester, New York, has mysteriously vanished shortly after relocating to California to pursue his dream job at Netflix. Yohanes had just commenced his career as a software engineer at Netflix a mere two weeks prior to his sudden disappearance. The last known sighting of Yohanes occurred on August 15th when he entered an Uber vehicle at 28 North Fourth Street in San Jose, around 7:15 p.m. PT.

The situation is shrouded in concern and puzzlement due to certain alarming events surrounding Yohanes’s disappearance. It has come to light that Yohanes had recently voiced apprehensions regarding his rideshare experiences, particularly after a distressing incident where an Uber driver took him off-course against his explicit wishes. He had reached out to a friend, detailing the unsettling behavior of the driver and expressing fears that he “might be in trouble.” As a result, he had made a firm resolve to refrain from using Uber alone in San Francisco.

In the current circumstances, Yohanes Kidane’s family and friends are gripped by profound worry for his safety and overall well-being. An added layer of concern stems from the discovery of his personal effects, including his phone and wallet, in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge. Furthermore, Yohanes’s backpack was located in the same area. Despite these findings, he remained absent from both his residence and workplace in the days that followed.

In response to this disconcerting situation, Yohanes’s family, along with friends from Cornell University, have joined forces with a private investigator to intensify the search efforts. They are fervently appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything unusual or have information regarding Yohanes’s whereabouts on the evening of August 15th to come forward.

This is an urgent and heartfelt appeal to the public. If you possess any information concerning Yohanes Kidane’s current location or have had any sightings of him since August 15th, please do not hesitate to contact the San Jose Police Department at 408-277-8900. Your cooperation could be instrumental in locating Yohanes and ensuring his safety during these perplexing times.

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